Dr. Victor Froelicher

Emeritus Professor of Medicine who started his cardiology career at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine performing cardiac screening of pilots, astronauts and military athletes. He is an international expert in clinical exercise physiology, computerized ECGs, screening and the exercise sciences. He author of the textbook “Exercise and the Heart”. Since 1992, he has been the major Cardiac consultant to Stanford Sports Medicine and participated in the pre-participation exam of all Stanford athletes and professional teams in their care. He led the writing group for the first international document to specify the ECG criteria that lowered the false positive rate for screening athletes and has been a participant in the two Seattle ECG Criteria meetings. He initiated the program of ECG screening at Stanford and was the first Director of the Stanford Sports Cardiology clinic.

Contributions to Science:
* Sports Cardiology – His group has contributed to recent advancements in sports cardiology and has presented lectures and papers regarding the application of ECG screening and of the cause of sudden cardiac death in athletes.
* Screening of Asymptomatic Men – While Director of CV research and LtCol at the USAF School of Medicine (1972-1977), he presented seminal data on the angiographic findings and follow up of aircrewmen with abnormal ECGs and abnormal exercise tests.
* The Cardiovascular Effects of Cardiac Rehabilitation (PERFEXT) – While Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at UCSD, he was PI of an NHLBI funded randomized trial of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
* Prognostic Studies in Veterans – While Chief of Cardiology at the LBVAMC, he developed the cardiology data bases for follow up studies of Veterans who had ECGs and exercise tests. The techniques perfected were the basis for the VETs treadmill studies and the ECG studies that are still on-going.
* VA Co-operative Study of Quantitative Exercise Testing and Angiography (QUEXTA) He was the originator and Co PI for this study which applied computer techniques to both exercise testing and coronary angiography. It is seminal in that it also removed work up bias by only including patients with chest pain who agreed to both exercise testing and coronary angiography prior to any testing.

Victor Froelicher MD, FACC, FAHA, FACSM
Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Orthopedics/Sports Medicine
Address: 2805 Champs Elysee Blvd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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