For every kid who
never had the

To eliminate preventable sudden cardiac death in the young through affordable heart screenings.

Change The world

The Why

What would you miss most?

Change The world

EKG screenings save lives

The stethoscope was invented 200 years ago. Is this the best we do to protect young hearts?

Change The world


How to end a major public health problem

Change The world

The stats


SCA is the leading cause of death in sports, on school campuses and arguably in ALL children


The standard youth wellness checkup misses 96% of deadly heart conditions


1 in 300 youth have a detectable and potentially life threatening heart condition


SCA is the first symptom of any cardiac abnormality in half of the incidences


1 out of 10 SCA victims will survive


ECGs are the most effective tool to identify youth at risk for SCA, identfiying up to 95% of deadly heart conditions

Change The world

the what

Who We Play For brings affordable, efficient and non-invasive heart screenings to communities across the country.


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Together we can eliminate preventable sudden cardiac death in the young

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Volunteers are the backbone of WWPF and you may be the perfect team member for a screening in your area! Contact us today for more information.

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Support our mission of eliminating preventable sudden cardiac death in the young through affordable ECG screening!

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Need to register for WWPF's screening at your school? Interested in bringing a screening to your child's school? Schedule your screening here today!

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Join the conversation with @Whoweplayfor and be a champion for SCA prevention in your community!

Who Do You Play For?

We play for the thousands of families, teams and communities, every single year, who lose someone they love to the leading cause of death in the world- heart disease. Who do you play for?
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