This has been the best decision that I have ever made in regards to student heath!!! Working with Who We Play For has been an incredible experience. They are able to work with your schedule and demands of accomplishing your goals. I've never been more impressed  with the work that Evan does for the organization. He has been an awesome asset to work with.

Tim Desmarteau

When we lost Zac last year to SCA we were devastated and confused. How could a life so precious end so suddenly? Last week we were able to offer ECG tests for the kids from the Seahawks where Zac was a player. If we have to mourn the loss then we will do anything we can to prevent another tragedy. Thank you to the wonderful people from Who We Play For.

John Wallace

Jonathan and I wanted to personally let you know how THANKFUL we are to Athletic Trainer Joe Manning, THS, WHO WE PLAY FOR & the donors that made the HEART SCREENING a possibility at the Sports Physical May 16 at Titusville High School. It LITERALLY saved our sons life!

During the school physical we took the opportunity to have the free heart screening done as well. A few days later I got a call from Joe letting me know James’s screening was flagged as high risk. Joe explained it to me and worked hard all weekend to get more information, a copy of the screening and even helped me line up an appointment with a cardiologist. We took our son into a cardiologist for further testing and he has been diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. And although we are terribly disappointed that this has been his diagnosis....because honestly my son LOVES basketball and was so looking forward to starting summer workouts with the team....we are FOREVER GRATEFUL that WHO WE PLAY FOR, and Joe made sure they were there to catch this.

He has zero signs and symptoms, which is typically the case. After several test, including a stress test it is clear that this has SAVED HIS LIFE!! This is the type of thing where an athlete dies unexpectedly on the field or court with no warning. I am so thankful I am talking to cardiologist instead of the funeral home. Which is the reality of all of this. We are working alongside them to gather all the pieces and figure out how to treat & manage this. Life looks a lot different this summer but they key word is LIFE! We cannot thank our trainer Joe, Who We Play For, the donors and our school enough!!!!PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE THIS AVAILABLE FOR ALL STUDENT ATHLETES! I cannot imagine what could have happened if it had not been for this screening. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY saved our son and I know it can save other students lives as well!

Etta Gibson