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We play for the thousands of families, teams and communities, every single year, who lose someone they love to the leading cause of death in the world- heart disease. Who do you play for?

Delannie Sharum

Student, University of Florida

I play for my family. My older sisters taught me almost everything I know, and no matter how far away I am from them, they are with me in everything I do. My amazing dad and mom have never failed to support me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I play for Rafe Maccarone and Kate Alukonis. I play for every person who was taken from us too soon. I play for those who cannot. I play for these people because they remind me to be humble and grateful, and inspire me to positively impact my world.

Anthony Rojas

Combat Veteran

I play for everyone. I am a combat veteran of Afghanistan and currently employed as a 911 paramedic. I feel that life can be difficult enough as is. My personal philosophy is to promote general care and well being for my fellow man. It is my hope to one day to live in a world where everyone feels a sense of connection and community with one another.

Molly Kessler

I play for my family. No people better in the world to make sure I stay healthy for, get screened, and educate on sudden cardiac arrest and many ways to prevent different diseases! PS learn all about SCA and WWPF from the one and only Alahna Kessler, the best human being on the planet!

Alahna Kessler

Chapter Director

I play for not only my family and loved ones, but also the lives I have the ability to make an impact on. Leilani, a young girl who was diagnosed with a serious illness at the age of 7, allowed me to find my life calling. I spent many days, weeks, and years with her as she overcame cancer. Although young in age, she had the ability to bring a new perspective on the important things in life. I now know what passion, braveness, and determination look like due to a young girl playing a large role in my heart. I learned that my life calling is to make a difference in this world, specifically in the lives of our youth. Today, I work for Who We Play For and have the ability to play a small role in many hearts of others.

Jane Kitten


I play for the young students who have needlessly lost their lives far too early due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). I play for the young students whose undiagnosed, detectable heart conditions can be identified by a simple ECG. I play to raise awareness for these preventable conditions in the hopes that we can keep other families from experiencing the inconceivable and emotionally devastating loss of a child, a brother, a sister, a friend. One more student lost to SCA is one too many! I did not realize how prevalent and devastating SCA is until I was tasked with finding an ECG screening program for the students in the West Texas school where I was employed. I immediately was inspired by this amazing program and what it could offer, particularly to underserved, economically-disadvantaged and rural schools and communities. When the opportunity presented, I jumped at the chance to become a member of the Who We Play For family (make no mistake-we are a family!) and help further its mission…it is really more of a ministry for me!